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Egypt Marco Polo Guide

Art.nr: 9783829767620
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Marco Polo. Ed 2012.

Marco Polo Egypt: the Travel Guide with Insider Tips! Experience all of Egypt's attractions with this up-to-date and authoritative guide, complete with Insider Tips. Most holidaymakers want to have fun and feel relaxed from the moment they arrive at their holiday destination that's what Marco Polo Guides are all about. You'll discover great hotels, authentic restaurants, plus shopping tips and information on festivals and events.

Further sections include:

  • Trips & Tours 
  • Sports & Activities 
  • Travel with Kids
  • Travel Tips and Links
  • Blogs, Apps & more.

Egypt awaits! The Insider Tips reveal how to have an unforgettable trip with local Bedouin in the Sinai and where you can get an excellent vegetarian breakfast. Panels in each chapter suggest things to do if you re on a tight budget and where you might pick up some real bargains.
​By following the Trips & Tours you can enjoy some unique Egyptian experiences: cruising to the country's most beautiful temples, a night hike up Mount Sinai and visiting some desert oases. Egypt's Red Sea Coast has some great places to enjoy your favourite active pursuits the most important contacts and details can be found in the Sport & Activities chapter. The Dos and Don'ts warn you against annoying the fish and getting taken in by fake guides. Marco Polo Egypt provides comprehensive coverage of all areas of the country. To help you get around there s the detailed Road Atlas, a useful map of Cairo in the cover, plus the pull-out map. A must-have for all travellers, including those who haven't bought a travel guide in the past.