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The High Coast, Best Hiking in Sweden

Art.nr: 9789188779236
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Calazo 2018.

At the site of the world's fastest country raising, a multitude of extremes are gathered. Nowhere else in Sweden you can walk so high and yet be so close to the sea. Here are also the country's most extreme plantations, the northernmost southwest and the southernmost northern plants, sometimes even on the same mountains.

Here you will find great hiking on sea-slopes and deep forests, where you can be completely alone if you wish. You will also find culinary challenges such as the region's character, the overflow. High coast in a nutshell. Welcome!

From the content:

-High Coasters


-The best walks along the World Heritage Site

-A guide to the islands in the archipelago

-Skuleskogen National Park

-Skulebergs hiking and climbing

-Smitingen and Härnoklubb Nature Reserve


-The best tours with kayaking along the coast

For several years, author Steven Ekholm has written about travel, food and literature in a number of newspapers and magazines. His restless travelers have brought him to extremes like Patagonia, Svalbard, Lesotho, Transnistria, Mongolia and Mt. Everest. But his first hiking guide is about his own home plan, the World Heritage Site of the High Coast. This is the second edition of the book.


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