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Atlas of the World The Royal Geographical Society

Art.nr: 9781849075923
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Pris: 1.195,00kr
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Philips 2021

Philip's RGS Atlas of the World is the flagship title for the most up-to-date geographical information alongside stunning satellite imagery and the latest statistics on everything from global migration to the impact of the Sars-Covid pandemic.

"A veritable encyclopaedia of geographic and demographic information, profusely illustrated... Extraordinary." --The New York Times

Packed with the latest statistics and filled with clear cartography, the Philip's RGS Atlas of the World gives a striking view of the Earth's surface and its many complexities. The edition opens with the latest world statistics and a special review of Migration. Also included is a feature on the global impact of the Covid 19 pandemic so far. Exceptional satellite images of the earth convey some of the awe-inspiring wonder of our planet.

The extensive front section contains a Gazetteer of Nations that has been comprehensively checked and updated to include recent economic and political changes. Sumptuously illustrated with tables and graphs, the introduction to World Geography covers numerous topics of geographical significance, including climate change, oceans and seas, population and cities, conflict and co-operation, energy and minerals, tourism and travel, health, wealth and standards of living.

Depicting both dense urban coverage and near-uninhabited areas of the earth, the hundreds of city and world maps that form the body of the Atlas have been thoroughly updated and include everything from the new Giant Panda Park in China to the Museum of the Future in Dubai.

Providing the finest global coverage available, the Philip's RGS Atlas of the World is not only exceptional value for a volume of its size, but also the benchmark by which all other atlases are measured.