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Hello, South Korea: Meet the Country Behind Hallyu

Art.nr: 9780241617397
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Pris: 295,00kr
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Korea is a global phenomenon. K-pop tops the charts, kimchi spices up meals and K-drama dominates TV screens. Now, it's time to discover more of the country and culture that's captivated the world.

It might be a powerhouse of popular culture, but South Korea is so much more than BTS and bibimbap - and with this book, it's yours to explore. Dive deeper into the country behind Hallyu and discover why it was long known as the Hermit Kingdom, who the incredible haenyeo divers of Jeju Island are and how age was once calculated in three different ways.

Along the way, you'll get to know the people who've shaped the country and its customs, uncover the makings of the Hallyu and, of course, explore the global exports we all know and love. How many varieties of kimchi are there? Why did Squid Game receive mixed reactions in Korea? And what, exactly, is the "glass skin" beauty effect? Find out all this and more in this must-have book: the perfect introduction to this wonderfully varied country