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Hiking the Lofoten Islands

Art.nr: 9789082664430
Tillgänglighet: I lager
Pris: 395,00kr
Exkl.moms: 372,64kr

Edition 2020
Hiking the Lofoten Islands is both an invitation to discover this bit of Arctic paradise and a practical guidebook that answers two questions, essential for any hiker: Where should I hike on each of the islands, given the time I have, theweather, and my physical condition? What itineraries should I follow? This guidebook is divided into three parts: Part One is an introduction to the islands. You'll find general information on their geography, climate, geology, animal and plant life as well as advice on how to prepare for your hikes. Part Two is composed of 60 hiking topo-pages that include all the information you need-descriptions, maps and photos-to discover and appreciate the trails in the best possible way. Part Three describes a trek across the archipelago in 11 days. In addition to a detailed itinerary, it has all the tips you'll need on food supplies and preparation for the hike and your bivouacs.