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North Sea Passage Pilot

Art.nr: 9781786790668
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Imray - ed. 2022 - Engelsk text

Readers of Imray’s East Coast Pilot will need no introduction to Garth Cooper whose familiarity with North Sea passage-making is evident in the practical guidance he gives. Under his authorship, this edition has been restructured to reflect the changing nature of passages across the North Sea.

As well as a consideration of the various Traffic Separation Schemes, routes take into account the many new offshore windfarms and oil and gas extraction platforms. As its name suggests, the emphasis of this pilot is on the passage routes, whether taking a more direct line between the UK and the Continent or incorporating hops along the East Coast and the adjacent coasts of France, Belgium and Holland.

Pilotage is included for a selection of key ports. Updated plans and numerous new photographs help to illustrate the key features to help guide you across this challenging yet rewarding stretch of water.

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