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Quechua Phrasebook Lonely Planet

Art.nr: 9781786570918
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Lonely Planet. 5th edition 2019. 

Get more from your trip with easy-to-find phrases for every travel situation. Travelling in the Andes will be much more enjoyable and worthwhile if you can speak some Quechua, the language of the Incas, also known as runasimi (roo·nah·see·mee). Despite the official status of Spanish, which was brought to Latin America by the conquistadors, you’ll find that Quechua is spoken in six South American countries: Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina and Chile. Most Quechua speakers are found in the Andes, although some live in the jungle or on the coast.

  • Two-way dictionary
  • Guide to pronunciation and phrase-building
  • Understand when someone tells you the time by the sun
  • ​Practicalities - how to catch a bus or find a doctor 

Coverage includes: Pronunciation, Meeting People, Getting Around, Accommodation, Interests, Shopping, Food, Health 

Book Details 
ISBN: 9781786570918 
Writers: Serafin M Coronel-Molina ​
228 pages, 228pp color, 0 maps | Dimensions: 93mm × 140mm