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Road Trips Great Britain DK Eyewitness

Art.nr: 9780241436684
Tillgänglighet: I lager
Pris: 320,00kr
Exkl.moms: 301,89kr

Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness 2021 - Engelsk text.

Take your time with Road Trips Great Britain and discover 25 leisurely drives through England, Wales and Scotland's patchwork quilt of hills, valleys and villages.

Driving through Great Britain is the perfect way to appreciate what makes it unique - its dramatic landscapes, ancient castles, sleepy market towns and grand country houses. Packed with practical information, detailed maps and inspiring ideas, the driving tours in Road Trips Great Britain will lead you to the rural heart of this sceptred isle.

Inside Road Trips Great Britain:

- 25 easy-to-follow scenic driving tours, each lasting one to five days
- A laminated pull-out road map of Great Britain helps you navigate with ease
- Information on the British rules of the road
- Postcodes for use with GPS, plus useful advice on road conditions, speed limits and parking
- Hotels, restaurants, shops and vineyards where you can savour the burgeoning local food scene alongside a dazzling array of beer, gin, whisky and sparkling wines
​- Best experiences along each route: get active on walks, boat trips, bike rides and hikes; or get to know the distinct history and traditions of England, Wales and Scotland