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Royal palaces of Sweden : people and stories

Art.nr: 9789163976414
Tillgänglighet: I lager
Pris: 365,00kr
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Utgiven 2019

Royal Palaces of Sweden – People and stories depict the fascinating history of the Royal Swedish palaces. The historical rooms and places come alive through the stories of the people who lived there.

This richly illustrated book is the perfect gift and introduction into Sweden’s Royal history. It brings new insight into the everyday life, dreams and interests of the Royals.

Many books on Royal history concern themselves mostly with a distinctly male world. Uniquely, this book also mirrors the female Royal perspective. We get to know fascinating personalities such as Princess Eugènie, passionate about animal rights and art, princess Margaret of Connaught, garden expert and hockey player and the current king’s grandmother and many more.

The Royal Palaces of Sweden are unique in that so many of the original objects remain. Many of them are still used, since the royal castles are living environments that are still in use. In this book you will learn of some of their secrets.

Discover the Swedish Royal Palaces through this lavishly illustrated book: The Royal Palace of Stockholm, Drottningholm Palace, Gripsholm Castle, Ulriksdal Palace, Rosendal Palace, Strömsholm Palace, The Chinese Pavilion, Rosersberg Palace, Gustav III’s Pavilion and Tullgarn Palace are at your fingertips. All are also open for visits by the public.

Royal Palaces of Sweden – People and stories was created by InPress Art in collaboration with the Royal Court of Sweden.

The book was written by Sofia Hillborg and translated by Charlotte Merton. Graphic design by Tove Engström and Sofia Karlsson.