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Secret Brighton - An unusual guide

Art.nr: 9782361954994
Tillgänglighet: I lager
Pris: 225,00kr
Exkl.moms: 212,26kr

Ed. 2022

Wander through a hidden city orchard, enjoy a sauna like a Scandinavian on the seafront, hang out with a 19th-century circus troupe, find a forgotten railway line in the sea, discover Brighton’s only waterfall, visit a hidden pet cemetery, unearth a long-forgotten mural, browse a museum in a back-street chip shop, go behind the ‘staff only’ signs into a museum’s secret stores, tap the nose of a gargoyle and make a wish, enter an Earthship, step inside a little-known walled garden and play glow-in-the-dark miniature golf with dinosaurs.

Away from the cliché and seaside sights, Brighton is a city full of hidden treasures revealed to residents and travellers who like to wander off the beaten path.

Secret Brighton – An unusual guide is the perfect companion for those ready to discover the unusual and underground and see the city through new eyes.