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The Angler's Bucket List: 500 Great Fishing Adventures around the World

Art.nr: 9780789341471
Tillgänglighet: I lager
Pris: 495,00kr
Exkl.moms: 466,98kr

Utgiven 2023

Information-packed and heavily illustrated, this guide to the world’s best places to fish is carefully curated and evenly split between fresh- and saltwater fishing. There’s something for every type of angler, from fishing in streams, lakes, and ponds to the seven seas.

Every angler, whatever their preferred form of fishing, has a bucket list: dream fish to seek out, the ones that got away, the once-glimpsed fishing nirvanas. With 500 wildly different fishing experiences from around the globe, this bucket list draws on the wisdom of a host of angling writers.

Opening with essential advice for travel, permits, and hiring local help, the book is divided into sections by continent. Each entry is labeled by location, target fish species, and best time of year to visit. In each case, there is something special beyond the thrill of the catch: the natural beauty of the location, its connection to iconic anglers, or its reputation for excellence as a fishing ground.

This book includes the full spectrum of fishing scenarios: giant fish and distant locations, tracking down whispered-about shipwrecks, and returning to favorite childhood fishing holes—it’s all here. Suitable for all levels of ability and packed with atmospheric and inspirational photographs, this volume is sure to fuel armchair daydreams and travel plans.