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The Best Things in Life are Free Lonely Planet

Art.nr: 9781838694661
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Lonely Planet 2nd edition 2021

The second edition of Lonely Planet’s The Best Things in Life are Free is the ultimate guide for travellers who want to find the best value for their next trip. From parks, museums and exercise classes that are free, to insider ideas on food and drink experiences offered at great value. Continent by continent, our on-the-ground experts provide planning tips plus plenty of recommendations to pinpoint bargains.

Presented in a beautiful hardback format that features details such as debossing and foil on the cover, this is the perfect book for any traveller on a budget that’s wanting to get the best bang for their buck.

Featuring money-saving tips for 130 cities and regions across 85 countries

Each continent has its own chapter that features a toolkit with an introduction to its top budget destinations as well as transport and accommodation information. Themed experiences include Arts & Culture; Festivals & Events; Food & Drink; Outdoors & Adventure; Wellness; and Wildlife Encounters.

​Recommendations for 17 countries including: Egypt, Mauritius, Morocco, South Africa, Tanzania

Special feature:

  • Africa’s Best Affordable Wildlife Encounters

Recommendations for 18 countries including: China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand

Special features:

  • Terrific Temples at Tiny Prices
  • Asia’s Best Cheap Gourmet Grub
  • Asia’s Best Discount Wildlife Encounters
  • Best Wet & Wild Activities
  • Asia’s Best Low-Cost Treks

Recommendations for 22 countries including: France, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain

Special features:

  • Europe’s Best Places to Escape a Crowd
  • Europe’s Best Free Museums & Galleries
  • Food-Market Magic
  • Europe’s Best Wild Swimming
  • Europe’s Best Tours By Public Transport
  • Europe’s Best Free Walking Tours

North & Central America
Recommendations for 10 countries including: USA, Belize, Canada, Costa Rica, Nicaragua

Special features:

  • Top 10 All-American Adventures
  • Best Street Food
  • Best National Park Wonders
  • Free Sports Experiences

South America
Recommendations for 10 countries including: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Uruguay

Special features:

  • Ruins That Won’t Wreck Your Budget
  • Wine Tasting on a Budget
  • How to Party at Carnival in Rio
  • South America’s Wildest Experiences

Recommendations for 8 countries including: Australia, Fiji, French Polynesia, New Zealand, Tahiti

Special features:

  • Top Cultural Encounters
  • Best Free Walks
  • Best Aquatic Adventures

Book Details
ISBN: 9781838694661
Writers: Lonely Planet
312 pages, 312pp color, 0 maps | Dimensions: 172mm × 215mm