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Walk! Tenerife

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Ed. 2017

Tenerife is a big island - 2034 square kilometres big. It offers the walker a wide varity of landscapes to choose from; everything from coastal strolls and high altitude summits to pine forests and laural forests, from challenging and strenous routes to easy country walks. Our routes span north, the wild west, the high altitude central regions ande the remote Anaga mountains in the extreme north-east. Every walking route has:

  • Waling route Summary
  • ratings for Effort, Time, Distance, Ascents/descents, Refreshments and Vertigo risk.
  • fully detailed walk description, including frequent timings to aid navigation and check your progress
  • GPS Waypoints at every key point in every route (subject to reception)
  • full colour large scale map selection for the route
  • short wakl and stroll alternatives

There are some easy routes while others are more demanding. There are some challenging routes for fit experts. All of them are true adventures on the surprising, wild and beautiful islands f Tenerife.