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Walking Brittany

Art.nr: 9781912933105
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Edition 2020

32 epic walks along the wild and beautiful coast of Brittany in northern France.

Some of the finest coastal terrain in the world: endless cliffs towering above the sea; remote rocky headlands and peninsulas; stunning beaches which would not be out of place on a Caribbean island.

Also includes:

  • Numbered waypoints linking the Real Maps to our clear descriptions
  • Graded routes to suit all abilities
  • Everything the hiker needs to know: route descriptions, difficulty, weather, how to get there, and more
  • Information on Megalithic sites and World War 2

France is a large country with a huge and varied coastline. This coastline is very wild and very beautiful but rarely is it both wilder and more beautiful than in Brittany. This stunning part of the world's most visited country has around 3,000 km of sea frontage so you could spend a lifetime here walking along the tops of the spectacular and seemingly endless cliffs; around the remote rocky headlands and peninsulas jutting out into the Atlantic; and across innumerable white sand beaches which would not be out of place on a Caribbean island.

With so much coast on offer, it is understandable that Brittany, and its people, have a strong connection with the sea: evidenced by the countless yachts, fishing boats and other watercraft which are moored in the ports, harbours, bays and estuaries.

In fact, there are many who would argue, with much justification, that Brittany has the finest stretch of coastline in Europe. Of course, that is a subjective matter but it is indisputable that the coast of Brittany is vast. So vast that it is not possible to see everything on a single trip. So vast, in fact, that it is difficult to know where to start and that is where this guidebook comes in. To make planning easy for you, we have included here only the very finest of the thousands of possible walks on Brittany's coast. There are no 'fillers': only the most spectacular routes made the cut. We have 'sifted the wheat from the chaff' so that you do not have to.