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An Opinionated Guide to London Hotels

Art.nr: 9781914314360
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Pris: 195,00kr
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Hoxton Mini Press 2023

'An Opinionated Guide to London Hotels'. Text by Gina Jackson. 160pp, paperback, 112 x 162mm. Contains 40 places, an introduction, a map and ‘best for...’

The first 200 copies will be signed by the author, Gina Jackson.

40 fabulous hotels for design-conscious tourists and Londoners alike: the best beds, food and spas.

It’s not hard to find a hotel in London; what’s trickier is finding the super tasteful ones with stellar food that aren’t stuffy. This simple guide tells you the only places you need to know; whether you want a luxury room, a wallet-friendly hideaway, to go for afternoon tea, indulge in a spa or eat the best tacos in town while watching the sun set over the skyline.

Each hand-picked hotel includes the lowdown on vibe, decor, facilities and service, in the assured voice of someone in-the-know.

Gina Jackson is a much followed travel writer, blogger, photographer and proud Londoner.

This book is carbon neutral. This is the first editio