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Be More Japan

Art.nr: 9780241664810
Tillgänglighet: I lager
Pris: 275,00kr
Exkl.moms: 259,43kr

Ed. 2024

The art of japanese living

A fascinating journey through the wisdom and wonders of JapanIn love with all things Japan or looking to absorb a little Japanese wisdom into your dailylife? From the philosophies of ikigai and wabi sabi to kitsch karaoke nights and futuristicrobot restaurants; traditional tea ceremonies and tranquil onsen dwellings to cosplayculture and J-Pop megastars; Japan is full of intriguing contradictions.Though renowned for its ultramodern capital Tokyo - a sprawling neon-lit metropolisstraight from the pages of a science fiction novel - Japan is still deeply rooted in ancienttradition. And while the country runs with clockwork precision, the cultural life of itsinhabitants is transformed with the changing of the seasons, a testament to theenduring power of nature's rhythms.Revised and updated, and with each page alive with facts, history and inspiration, Be More Japan unlocks the secrets behind modern Japanese living - whether you're eating sushi in London or enjoying the cherry blossoms in San Francisco.And if you're dreaming of a future trip to Japan, this book will get you closer to your destination before you've evendeparted.