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Japan Green guide Michelin

Art.nr: 9782067243118
Tillgänglighet: I lager
Pris: 250,00kr
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Ed. 2020

The updated Green Guide Japan presents the country in all its diversity, from Tokyo's hyper-modern skyscrapers to Kyoto's shrines and temples to the idyllic beaches of Okinawa. Visit some of the country's 20 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, sample Japan's world-renowned cuisine, and get back to nature with the country's outdoor activities and plentiful hot springs. The background explanations and practical information allow for deeper understanding and easy travel, while Michelin's famed star-rating system, colorful maps and trusted advice ensure an enjoyable visit.

To plan your trip or explore by car, buy the Michelin Japan Road & Tourist Map No. 802.

Updated edition with full-color photos and plenty of detail travelers look for.

  • Attractions reviewed and rated using Michelin's celebrated star-rating system, from the steam-plumed thermal springs of Beppu to iconic Mount Fuji to the gorgeous beaches of Okinawa.
  • Walk-throughs of major museums, galleries, and attractions so you don't miss a thing; includes illustrations of and floor plans for the highlights of major attractions.
  • Michelin's suggested walks through the stunning countryside guide travelers out of the city and into Japan's renowned nature.
  • Comprehensive illustrated sections on modern Japan, art, history and culture, all written by experts in their fields.
  • Sidebars throughout the guide focus on intriguing topics such as cormorant fishing, Shinto shrines and traditional foods.
  • Detailed visitor information given for attractions: opening hours, entry fees, tour times, phone, website. Michelin area and city maps.
  • Includes recommendations for great places to eat and/stay for all budgets.
  • Michelin Green Guides feature comprehensive, detailed and concise travel information for advance trip planning as well as spontaneous decisions during the visit.