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Malaga City Walks

Art.nr: 9789163993275
Tillgänglighet: I lager
Pris: 299,00kr
Exkl.moms: 282,08kr
Tags: Spanien,

Bo Lambert Text & Vision 2024.

This is a book about Málaga, the city that the poet and Nobel Laureate Vicente Aleixandre called the City of Paradise, Ciudad del Paraíso. A book about the city's many sights and beautiful excursion destinations. A guide for the first-time visitor, a flipbook for the returning visitor. A book for the curious wanderer. Malaga is a city for the flâneur, the pedestrian who does not rush but lets the mood of the moment guide his steps. Among the many attractions of the city are the cool museums, the Moorish castle vaults of the Alcazaba, the walls of Gibralfaro overlooking the city, the Roman theatre, the long harbour promenade with boats and cafes, the ever-present street art and the beautiful house facades. Outside the city centre, the long beaches take over, with their palm trees lining the Mediterranean Sea, the Mare Nostrum – “Our Sea” as the Romans called it. The book begins with an overview of the city's most important sights, followed by a detailed description of Málaga’s long, colourful and captivating history. The following10 chapters describe walks taken at a leisurly pace in Málaga´s historical centre and along the beaches to the east and west. The itineraries follow smooth, comfortable pedestrian streets past markets, historical monuments and modern buildings, museums and churches, squares and parks, street art and statues. The maps and illustrations included with with each chapter facilitate the planning of the walks.