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Murder Maps USA

Art.nr: 9780500252598
Tillgänglighet: I lager
Pris: 395,00kr
Exkl.moms: 372,64kr

Ed. 2021

The most remarkable murders committed across the USA between the Civil War and World War II are intricately plotted onto maps and plans in this cartographic compendium of crime. Each case, forensically re-evaluated by Adam Selzer, is illuminated by chilling crime scene photographs, surviving exhibits and unnerving mugshots. From political assassinations to Wild West duels, and from the violent sprees of serial killers to gangland shootouts, this bloodthirsty tour of America’s criminal underworld uncovers the macabre particulars – and pioneering policework – of each case, in an era that saw the first conviction using fingerprints and the birth of the FBI laboratory.