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My Hokkaido The Ultimate guide to Japans Great Northern Islands

Art.nr: 9784805314005
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Pris: 275,00kr
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Tuttle Publishing 2022

Embark on an unforgettable journey across Japan's vast northern island!

This stunning guide covers all the places and experiences that foreign and Japanese visitors alike find so fascinating about Hokkaido--including the island's spectacular volcanic landscapes, the world's best powder skiing and some of Japan's most incredible ramen and sushi!

Author Aaron Jamieson is a professional photographer, film-maker and journalist who has lived on Hokkaido for over a decade--devoting his time to seeking out the hidden wonders of this special island. In this book, he provides his personal tips on places to explore and things to do in and around the main cities of Sapporo, Otaru, Hakodate and Asahikawa.

Then he leads you on a grand tour into the wild and lesser-known places around the island, including:

  • The resorts around Lake Toya and Niseko, now famous as "the Aspen of Asia"
  • The vast hinterland with its rainbow fields of lavender and towering volcanic peaks
  • The rugged east--home to the native Ainu people and their traditional culture
  • Hokkaido's stunning national parks, hot springs, waterfalls and distinctive wildlife

This unique book--the first of its kind--allows you to view Hokkaido through the eyes of a local and to explore one of the last undiscovered regions of Japan.