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National Parks of Europe Lonely Planet

Art.nr: 9781786576491
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Lonely Planet 1st editon 2017

Explore the best of Europe’s amazing national parks. From the Lake District to the Black Forest, this beautiful introduction to 60 of Europe’s parks is packed with panoramic photography, original illustrations, practical information, and inspiring tips on what to see and do. You’ll have all the tools to plan the first of many exciting trips.

  • Suggested itineraries for long or short visits
  • The must-try activities for every season
  • Beautiful photography of unique landscapes
  • How to get to each park, and the best places to stay
  • Illustrations of wildlife to watch for in each park

Europe’s national parks are incredibly diverse, and that is what makes them so special. They protect areas of coast, high-altitude peaks in the Pyrenees and Alps, and even parts of the frozen Arctic, with wildlife ranging from Carpathian squirrels and fin whales to peregrine falcons and polar bears. Setting out to choose Europe’s top 60 national parks was no easy task, so we called on our expert writers and well-travelled editors. We asked them to tell us which parks provide the best experiences and why. The final selections were those that offered something truly unique, often an enthralling mixture of stunning natural beauty, incredible wildlife, fulfilling activities, local culture and (occasionally) a compelling history too.

But this book is intended to be more than just a celebration of Europe’s top national parks – it’s also a practical introduction to each of them. We highlight the best activities and trails, explain how to get there and where to stay, show you the wildlife to watch out for, and suggest itineraries.

Book Details
ISBN: 9781786576491
Writers: Lonely Planet, Alexis Averbuck, Carolyn Bain, Joe Bindloss, Abigail Blasi, Kerry Christiani, Marc Di Duca, Emilie Filou, Anthony Ham, Anita Isalska, Vesna Maric, Tom Masters, Etain O'Carroll, Brandon Presser, Regis St Louis, Luke Waterson, Clifton Wilkinson, Neil Wilson
​320 pages, 320pp color, 0 maps | Dimensions: 267mm × 206mm