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Planishere and Starfinder

Art.nr: 9780241399545
Tillgänglighet: I lager
Pris: 275,00kr
Exkl.moms: 259,43kr

Planisphere and Starfinder is a practical guide to finding your way around the night sky. It demystifies astronomy and introduces basic stargazing techniques, enabling you to find and recognize objects with ease. A section on the Solar System shows you how to observe the Moon, planets, and other bodies such as comets and asteroids. It also gives advice on looking at eclipses and meteor showers. The central section of the book is a detailed guide to the constellations. Each entry in the guide is illustrated with a clear star chart, supported by graphics that show where in the world the constellation can be seen and explain the symbolic meaning of its star pattern.

The key features for observation are presented in an accessible list supported by advice on how best to observe them. The final section is a month-by-month guide to the night sky. A double-page spread for each month highlights the features on view, while a large-scale chart shows you where to find the planets and a table of special events lists the dates of Moon phases, eclipses, and the best times to see the planets. The book comes with a removable planisphere, showing you the entire sky above your head at any time of night and any time of year.