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50 Knots for Every Adventure

Art.nr: 9781912983612
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Pris: 175,00kr
Exkl.moms: 165,09kr

Learn how to tie knots for sailing, camping, climbing, and more

Find the knot you need for every situation with 50 Knots for Every Adventure. Includes two lengths of rope so you can practice tying knots. Be prepared for your next escapade with this handy guide to the world of knots. Included are all the essential knots you need to know, plus more advanced ties, so you’ll be all set for whatever you’re planning. Find your adventure by location: The Woods, covering all your camping needs; The Sea, for nautical outings both big and small; The Mountains, for all types of climbing and hiking; and Everywhere Else—for the adventure of life! Every knot is accompanied by clear step-by-step instructions and artworks, making this a resource you’ll turn to time and time again. Plus, the book comes with two pieces of rope so that you can begin mastering the knot techniques right away.