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Atlantic Coast Route EuroVelo 1

Art.nr: 9783711100221
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Bikeline Ed 2022 

- From the fjords of Norway to the beaches of Portugal

Cycling has been a popular way of getting around on vacation for decades and is becoming increasingly popular. There are countless long-distance cycle routes and cycle regions that allow carefree cycling. The diversity is enormous, as there are cycle paths along rivers, on the coast of the sea, on former railway lines, in and around lakes, on the trail of art and culture or through hilly landscapes in countless European countries. The book EuroVelo 1 - Atlantic Coast Route is the perfect guide for planning your next big bike tour. Browse and indulge in this book about this unique cycle route between the highest north of Europe, the North Cape, along gently rolling countryside and valleys in Scotland and Northern Ireland,past steep rocky coasts or in the tranquil hinterland of Ireland, Wales and England, through the different regions of France, following pilgrimage routes through Spain and along miles of sandy beaches in Portugal. In this overview you can find out about the length of the route, the quality of the route, the volume of traffic, the gradient and the most important sights along the route.