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More than 11,078 European motorhome stopovers in one guide!

These motorhome stopovers, spread across 27 European countries, are presented in a concise, compact style. A few clear symbols tell users at a glance which motorhome stopovers meet their requirements. After all a motorhome stopover may consist of, for example, a motorhome park, free overnight stay, official motorhome stopover, or even an overnight stay on the private property of a local (wine) farmer or at a (yacht) marina.

Täcker in: Albanien, Österrike, Belgien, Bosnien Herzegovina, Kroatien, Tjeckien, Danmark, Finland, Frankrike, Tyskland, Grekland, Ungern, Irland, Italien, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Nederländerna, Norge, Polen, Portugal, Rumänien, Slokavien, Slovenien, Spanien, Sverige, Schweiz, Storbritannien.