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Murder by the Royal Palace - Solve a Mystery

Art.nr: 9788758950143
Tillgänglighet: I lager
Pris: 595,00kr
Exkl.moms: 476,00kr
Tags: Stockholm,

The murder at the Royal Palace is a murder mystery, inspired by true events.

As responsible investigators, it is your duty to solve this bestial murder and restore peace and order.

It is your job to gather enough evidence to point out the right suspect for the crime. Much is at stake! The highest priority is to ensure peace and order for the inhabitants of the Old Town.

It is undoubtedly a very noted crime committed, so if you solve it, it will indisputably have a big impact on your future careers as investigators.However, it turns out that there are several suspects and the clues point in several directions so it will be a challenging task to find the culprit.

Good luck and happy solving!

Murder by the Royal Palace takes place around the Old Town of Stockholm. The total walking distance is about 1,5km (around 1 mile), and your final destination i by the Riddarhustorget. Gather your group and open the envelope to begin your adventure. if there are several groups, add a sompetitive element by playing against each other. The first to solve the mystery wins!

Palyers: 1-4 · Duration: 150min · Age: 10+ · Daytime · Distance: 1,5km