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Scratch Vinkarta Europa

Art.nr: 9781912203628
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Scratch Off European Wine Print

The Scratch Off European Wine Map print will help you develop a palate for some of the finest wines in Europe. This map shows our list of 112 wine regions or sub-regions across Europe. This map can be an amazing gift for the sommeliers and wine connoisseurs out there as well as those who want to get into wine tasting. We have a spread of the major wine regions as well as the important sub-regions that must be covered for an amazing tasting experience. When you've sampled a wine or fruits from any region, simply scratch it off your map and find your next wine. Over time, you'll begin appreciate the varied flavours across Europe, and the map will be an amazing conversation starter as well!

Disclaimer: This is our list of 112 European Wines that we think should be sampled, not an official guide.
​Map Uses: An ideal gift for experienced wine buffs and beginners to wine tasting as well.

Size: 60 x 42 cm